Some of Our Mysteries  


Murder at the Yacht Club Welcome to the reading of the billionaire’s Will. The beautiful heiress has gone missing -- or has she? Before the evening ends, someone is going to be very rich. And someone is going to be very dead.




Family Business The Don has died and the guests are asked to choose a new head of the crime family. Candidates include some of their fellow guests who must pass a special test to make the grade.




A Roaring Twenties Mystery Guests are invited to come “dressed to kill” with period costume fedoras for the men and feathered headbands and pearls for the women. It’s the 1920’s and high rollers and flappers are out for a good time at their favorite speakeasy. And someone is out for murder.




A CLUE Mystery Characters from the board game and movie come to the party in search of a mysterious blackmailer. When a murder takes place  guests join Ms. Scarlet, Professor Plum, Penelope Peacock and Colonel Mustard in discovering the culprit’s true identity.




The Mazel Tov Murders A mystery with a Jewish flavor  involves the mysterious disappearance of a tycoon who made his fortune in Mining, Manufacturing and Rugalach.




Star Search In this mystery, designed for bar and bat mitzvah parties, kids audition for roles in a feature film. When a murder – or the theft of a golden locket – occurs, actors lead the kids in search of clues to solve the mystery – before its too late!



Make a Movie Not a murder mystery but just as much fun. Guests work with our actors and directors to perform scenes from a classic film. Cameras capture all the action  and the final movie is screened at the end of the party in a special World Premiere. DVD’s of the film make for great souvenirs and showings at future events.


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